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Shaping your home design

Every year, thousands of Australians build new homes, or renovate and extend their existing homes. Unfortunately, many are unhappy with the finished result. Some owners find their home looks different If buildings emerge out of a series of conversations between a client and a designer, then it stands to reason that the more intimate, considered and unique the conversation, the more intimate, considered and unique the building.

That's why we believe the process of home design is about much more than us asking if you'd like flocked walls or square versus round windows. Creating your individual living solution, development or investment property is a process more akin to a fluid conversation where we shape the outcome together.

Creatively practical

Good home design is about balance. It's about observing the practical requirements of structure, council, environment and timeliness while also foregrounding the emotional resonance the building should elicit.

Achieving this balance is the key to creating home designs that are tailored to individual needs.

But achieving balance is also about having points of contact across all the vital aspects of a project. For this reason DCF Design Group pride ourselves on our concept-to-construction approach, by which we assist clients, council and contractors throughout the entire building process. This intimate relationship with our projects is what sets us apart in the field of home design.

Understanding what you want

Through intimate knowledge of our projects and clients, coupled with our commitment to ongoing communication between all parties involved, we are able to help you shape your feelings and desires into your ideal building.

But like any good conversationalist, we bring our expertise in home design to the discussion. We'll work with you to make sure that your design makes the most of your land, thinking through things like potential views; the orientation of your building to the summer and winter sun; environmental considerations; privacy; and your local council planning policies.

Return on investment

For those with design needs solely situated in the development or commercial arena, we'll work to fully utilise the available space, maximise return on investment and deal with the myriad other considerations required when creating an investment property or workplace.

In these ways we go beyond typical wall-to-wall design to provide a whole-environment, end-to-end solution. Home design doesn't get any more comprehensive.

What else does the Building Surveyor do after they issue a Building Permit?

The building surveyor does a number of inspections during the building process, he generally checks the building structure to comply with the Building Code of Australia and associated Codes. He is not responsible to check the builders work or determine when payments are to be made to the builder. This is an arrangement that you must make with the person doing “The Administration of Contract” which may or may not be included in your building design fee depending of the contents of the building designer contract.

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