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Kooyong Road, Armadale

Project Summary
  • Development.
  • Award winning grand townhouse development sits boldly on its corner site whilst keeping within the context of the neighbourhood streetscapes.

Design Objectives
  • To create three townhouses in a conservative single home area.
  • French-provincial style with strong façade features was selected.
  • Our developer client purchased a corner property in leafy Armadale and charged us with the task of developing three townhouses on this site in an otherwise conservative single home area.

Project Challenges
  • A close understanding of local planning requirements was needed to ensure smooth application process.
  • Our initial scheme was approved with no alterations.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • Two attached two-storey townhouses over a basement and one single level dwelling to the high side of the site.
  • One of the current occupants in this development enjoyed living in this award winning residence so much so that they engaged us for their next home nearby.