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Davis Avenue, Camberwell

Project Summary
  • Townhouse development.
  • Outside the square - a contemporary interpretation of traditional styles.

Design Objectives
  • DCF’s choice to follow the lines of Frank Lloyd Wright gave us the opportunity to define a timeless style.
  • The aim was to steer clear of the same council response driven building styles which have been populating the area for the last few years.

Project Challenges
  • Council’s general disapproval of side by sidedevelopments had to be addressed.
  • The need to show layered roof forms and prominent entry is always a challenge in Boroondara council regions.
  • The site being more square than rectangular with a south facing courtyard from the outset.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • Careful planning and meticulous execution were integral to the success of this classic townhouse.
  • The elegant styling and timeless materials reinvigorate the cool classic lines of a past era while creating a relevant and contemporary home.