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Building designs that increase the value of your commercial property

The long term value and profitability of any commercial property starts with the integrity of the building design. Design that takes into account and takes advantage of location, environment, purpose and budget is essential to securing long term value.

“DCF Design Group places special emphasis on integrating design solutions with efficient site planning, contextual references, commercial viability and human responses.”

The DCF Design Group's commercial building designers specialise in building design for retail, mixed use, specialty and small office buildings in the Melbourne area.

Our designers use proven commercial building design systems to guarantee you’ll receive excellent design services that foreground profitability, timely delivery and competitive prices.

Business owners, property owners, developers and builders turn to DCF Design Group for quality commercial building design to meet several needs, including:
  • Developing commercial properties
  • Expanding existing businesses
  • Designing offices or facilities to meet unique business needs
  • Maximising the value of a property or project
  • Maximising the value of a business asset
“Design becomes an expression of identity for the occupants. Workplaces should embrace ambitious and innovative spatial concepts aimed at shedding bureaucratic traits and bringing people together in dynamic, inspiring environments.”