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Collaborative approach
to contemporary homes

The design process for contemporary homes and commercial properties is about much more than creative or innovative building design. Effective design consists of vast and dynamic mediums which require a collaborative business approach. It involves problem-solving and close consultation to
ensure both client satisfaction and the building’s long-term versatility and viability.

That’s why we take such care during the design phase to engage you in a detailed briefing process that outlines the expectations and needs for the site and its inhabitants.

Together with you, the client, we’ll analyse the opportunities and constraints of the site (heritage overlays, setbacks, orientation, etc) and give you our expert knowledge when it comes to creating contemporary homes and spaces. Together we focus on creating the best possible design solution and creating a complete environment for you - inside and out.

Avoiding the ‘one-size fits all’ mentality

Your project is unique and we treat it as such every step of the way. Using our experience and expertise, we’ll canvas the best options for cost effectiveness, available timeframes and risk minimisation.

By avoiding a ‘one-size-fits’ all mentality, we are able to explore all relevant design service options with you. This not only maximises positive outcomes, but ensures that each commission is a unique creation built for, and inspired by, its owner and environment.

Commercial premises that will hold their value

Our contemporary design projects range in size and scope from new home designs, renovations and extensions to multi-unit developments and commercial developments. It is crucial when making an investment of this kind, particularly commercial, to know that a property will hold its value and not slip into irrelevance.

Discussing the pragmatic aspects of your project, whether contemporary homes or commercial buildings or developments, is part of our service commitment.