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Nelson Street, Camberwell

Project Summary
  • Privately owned.
  • Heritage single-fronted Victorian weatherboard that had been previously renovated.
  • Needed to fit a growing family.

Design Objectives
  • Our clients loved the old-world feel of the original rooms at the front of the house.
  • They did not want to continue this out the back preferring a contemporary renovation.
  • We came up with a plan for a timber box extension.

Project Challenges
  • To keep heritage overlay but move away from period aesthetic in rear renovation.
  • We had to negotiate with council as well as neighbours with strong heritage values.
  • It was agreed that the box extension should not be seen from the street.
  • The planting of additional boundary trees would also disguise building form.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • Our clients were delighted with the renovation.
  • They had all the new space they were after and a great family space at the rear of the house which interacted with the rear carport to give facility for large family entertaining on this small site.