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Burke Road, Deepdene

Project Summary
  • Privately owned.
  • Turn of the century federation style home that had been through many part-renovations.
  • Large family of 2 adults and 8 children.
  • Tennis court and swimming pool.
  • DCF were given the commission to under take the design and manage all the construction works for a full restoration of the house inside and out.

Design Objectives
  • During site investigations we found a box of photos of the old house in its former glory.
  • This informed the design brief – to reverse the damage done by some of the old renovations, open up spaces and turn back the clock on this grand old home.
  • Bring main rooms back to original glory.
  • Create better traffic flow for the home.
  • Improve division of bedroom areas – to create more bedroom and study spaces upstairs for the 8 children.

Project Challenges
  • None of the spaces really made sense and the house needed to be re-arranged to fit this very active family.
  • To rebuild the tennis court, swimming pool and paved areas, fences and bring some formality and vibrancy back into garden areas.
  • To open up interior spaces – this required digging through layers of false walls and exposing all the original timberwork features.
  • To revive the stairs from scratch and bring life back into timber boards and parquetry.
  • We also planned to build a new kitchen, bathrooms and bring all the living room areas back to how they were in their hey-day.
  • The size of this project required significant master-planning and engaging the right trades and craftsmen.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • A rewarding project that resulted in a beautiful family home.
  • The beauty of its original features were re stored and honoured.
  • Contemporary design created usable sleeping, study and leisure spaces for this big family – ensuring a home that would withstand much growth and change.