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Our team's diverse skill-set
will give you peace of mind

Building design is a vast and dynamic medium which requires a collaborative business approach. It demands skill-sets attuned to design; legal issues; administration; lateral thinking; bureaucratic procedures; interpersonal communication; and a whole range of disparate and competing forces involved in the complicated process of conceiving and completing a building. That's why it's so important for a design firm to have an experienced, well balanced team.

The DCF Design Group has the expertise and personnel to provide our clients with full design services through the entire building procurement process. As a full-service design firm, we undertake a wide range of activities including:
  • feasibility studies and brief development
  • sketch design and the gaining of local authority approvals
  • the preparation of tender documents
  • contract administration during the construction phase and fit out.

A personalised, team-based design firm

Our director and team of designers, project managers and support staff are motivated by client satisfaction, and are dedicated to the unique, personalised approach of our design firm. And we don't just say that.

As director, Darren Comber maintains a personal involvement in all design work and client liaison, providing an intimate, site-specific approach that sets DCF Design Group apart from the typical design firm.

Our experienced team then value-add this personalised service by liaising with a broad range of experienced consultants and building contractors to take the project through to completion.

As a cutting-edge design firm, DCF Design Group utilises sophisticated computer systems including AutoCad software for 2D documentation and 3D modelling.