Laying the right foundation
will save you time and money

One of the costliest mistakes people make with their building projects is beginning the design phase before investigating the opportunities and constraints of their site.

If you are not sure how best to get started with your project or you know it isn’t a shoo-in for approval from the town planning council, then proceeding without the right strategy may mean spending a lot more time and incurring greater costs then you would like.

DCF Design Group's Discovery & Assessment pack is designed to strategise and streamline your project. It allows you to approach your project in a step-by-step manner so you stay in control of each phase of your project. Importantly, with expertise on your side you can avoid costly mistakes and delays and get started with confidence.

We’ll consider every aspect of your building design

Site feasibility is the key to a well-designed project. Our team will provide a well-considered, complete evaluation of your site and the surrounding area, leading to better development proposals, smoother building design implementation, and, ultimately, higher-quality buildings.

We’ll also evaluate the predominant theme of the immediate area, levels, views, relationships with neighbouring sites, and numerous other variables.

Assessing all the factors influencing the outcome of a building project is the best way to ensure you know and address the limits and requirements of your site.

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