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Frequently asked questions:

What are your fees?

This is probably the most common question and one that is very difficult to answer at an early stage. We need to know the total scope of a project as well as the extent of our involvement prior to us being able to provide a fee proposal.

We aim to provide the closest budget estimate we can at a very early stage before any real information has been collected. We provide a fixed fee wherever possible where the scope of works is quantifiable. Any stages where we cannot provide a fixed fee, we will provide either a definition of our scope or a range/window of likely costs based upon our defined scope.

We provide a Budget Estimate after our initial consultation or Discovery & Assessment process. This estimate is based on our understanding of the scope of works described in our initial consultation and the likely fees to facilitate these works.

It may seem obvious to some, but well worth mentioning, that as a project develops sometimes our work increases and the hourly rate components provided at the budget estimate stage may need to be reviewed. The client’s best intentions when describing the brief may not be a true representation of the processes or time it takes to facilitate these services.

There are 3 phases that are charged at an hourly rate.

  1. The Design Phase is charged at hourly rate. This means that we have estimated the best case scenario of likely hours to achieve the works described to us so far. In the event that there are changes to the design and/or scope of works, this will constitute additional charges.
  2. The Planning Negotiations Phase is charged at hourly rate as we cannot accurately estimate the time it will take to overcome the issues that may be raised by council, neighbours and other third parties.
  3. The Building Permit Facilitation Phase is charged at hourly rate as attaining the permit and any additional permissions is subject to council and and adjoining neighbour influences.
The Documentation Phase is usually estimated at the Budget Estimate phase as a range or window and often changes as a result of the Design and Planning Negotiation Phases.

DCF Design Group reserves its rights to reassess the construction and interior documentation phases upon the completion of the approved design or planning stage.

Fees are charged individually to each project, no estimate of fees will be given by e-mail or phone until the project location and the client requirements are assessed. Generally, after initial contact we would ask for details of the site and a general statement of your expectations so that we can assess the project potential and resultant fees.

How much does it cost for an initial consultation?

There is no charge for an initial consultation in our office. If we visit you at your home, then there is a nominal fee. This is credited towards your first account if you choose to involve us.

Do you provide a quote or estimate?

DCF Design Group always provides a budget ‘estimate’ at any initial stage as so much of the work ahead is subject to variations and changes. Whilst we have a very strong knowledge of the processes involved in our works, individuals and their properties have a diverse range of issues which may reflect/vary our scope of works.

Can I choose to engage you for only one of your services, eg. interior design?

Yes, you can engage us for any of the services outlined here.