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DCF Design Group featured in the media 

Just as we read building design media for validation of excellence in the businesses we're looking to partner with, we understand your interest in hearing what other people have to say about DCF Design Group.
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Darren Comber with Kevin McCloud and Peter Maddison from Lifestyle Channel's Grand Designs

Darren with Peter Maddison from Lifestyle Channel's Grand Designs Australia

Launch of Grand Designs Australia Cocktail Party

DCF designed house used for B&O t.v. advertisement
Melbourne Style 2002

Contemporary home design
issue 2

luxury home design
issue 6.3

luxury home design
issue 7.1

top homes
2003 / 2004

HIA awards
2003 / 2004

melbourne living
issue 1, 2006

luxury home design issue volume 14 issue 6 - 2012

luxury home design annual collector's 
edition 2012