Getting A Yes From Council
with our Planning Application Guarantee

For many people, the thought of obtaining planning approval from their local council can be daunting and complicated. These fears often come from the risks associated with attaining approval and the possibility of facing lengthy blow-outs in time and costs.

This is where we can help. DCF Design Group have secured countless such approvals over the years and have mastered the techniques that can shave months off waiting times many other clients claim to have endured. It is one thing to design a great building, it is also critical to get off on the right foot by strategically developing your application and visually communicating your message to neighbours and council to avoid objection.

Town Planning Packages

Choose from 3 of our Town Planning packages to ensure you get the right inputs for your needs:
  • Premium - A compliant application including full colour and 3D perspectives, initial discovery assessment, additional explanatory details.
  • Comprehensive - A compliant application including our standard colour upgrades.
  • Standard - A compliant application including a black and white 2D presentation.

Our Planning Application guarantee

Choose our Premium Town Planning package and we will guarantee the following :
  • your presentation package ready for submission within two weeks of receiving your final design approval
  • we will attend any planning meetings between lodgement and advertising at no further cost to you
  • we will attend to any RFIs from council regarding our drawn presentation at no further cost to you
  • you will also receive a discovery and assessment prior to commencing the design process.

For further explanation on each of these packages and which is best suited to your individual project, please contact us to arrange an initial complimentary consultation.

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