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Rifka Kinderman

Life in Melbourne can be hectic.  Most of our life is spent juggling our time between family, work and the festivals.  How we balance these daily juggles depends on our personalities, lifestyles and so many variables.  It is often amazing to me that despite what i have going on i still enjoy juggling the diverse aspects of my life and everything seems to find a place, gets organised and happens. 

Life is not only about things happening, it’s about enjoying the process and the steps along the way.  As  a mother, a wife and a daughter, I have learnt that the more we streamline our lives, the more effective we are at co-ordinating and managing the numerous things we constantly have on the go.

Enjoying life is about finding the time to do the things we love.  I’m constantly fascinated by how each of the festivals provides a different outlet for investing our creative energies into the things we are passionate about.  Whether we love long, relaxing afternoons socialising with close family and friends,  planning menus, decorating our homes, creating eclectic wardrobes or just finding the time to relax and re-energise ourselves, we can all find the elements that talk to us.

Our homes are a reflection of the lives we lead.  Understanding what talks to you as an individual is the key to designing a house that will provide the ambience and warmth of your personality.  

A personalised, service with a dedicated resource

Rifka graduated from building design twice winning the best response to design brief for her ability to understand the clients brief and create exciting architecture.

Bringing her passion for design and detail to DCF has created the perfect platform to deliver the ultimate contemporary lifestyle to the Jewish market.  Using the philosophy one vision, one design, Rifka delivers a seamless service incorporating all aspects of the design process including planning, layouts, interiors, finishes and the construction elements.