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Design with 3D visualisation

The use of 3D visualisation in design drafting is a way of helping you see more clearly what your finished project will look like. It is an invaluable toolthat improves the development process. 3D visualisation is generally used at two stages in design drafting:
  1. Early in the design drafting and development phase, a series of 3D visualisation models are created to investigate the proposed form. These initial images help our experts bring your project to life.

  2. Once the design moves through some internal development processes, a more detailed 3D visualisation is generated for final approval. At this stage you’ll be able to visualise the general built form including aspects such as walls, windows, roofs, rooms, stairs, decks and any number of physical elements applicable to your building.
These 3D visualisation images and any coloured presentation mediums are very beneficial when it comes to explaining the built form to council and neighbours during planning applications. When people can see the form your home or building will take it makes conversations a lot easier.

If your project is a development and/or commercial venture you are building prior to selling, then 3D visualisation is an excellent addition your marketing and promotional material. View our gallery.