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Frequently asked questions:

Can I build more than one building with the same design or drawings?

No because the design copyright is to the author (i.e. the design professional) and also the drawings would need to be changed for each site. The drawings and design that you receive are only for that site, and for that specific building.

Can I use a drawing that I have obtained from a display home and vary it slightly for you to provide a design for my project?

The issue of copyright is the same, the ownership of those designs are to the author and you can only reproduce in part or whole with the author written permission. If you have ideas that you would like to incorporate in your design, write your ideas as points and we can discuss them, and see how a design can be best developed for your particular site.

Can I buy the copyright to a drawing/s to build more than one building from the same design?

Yes, you can buy a copyright for more that one house of the same design, if you pay the agreed sum for such use to the author of the drawings. Generally the amount paid for multi use for a dwelling design is reduced depending on the demands of Town Planning (if required) and particular site documentation requirements.

How long after a design is done, do design copyright restriction stop?

Generally fifty years after the author’s death, but to obtain more specific information you should refer this question to a solicitor.

Can I change my house design without asking the design professional when I build?

This would depend on your arrangement with the designer, but generally, any changes require to be approved by the author. You should also remember that any changes to your design may need to be approved by Town Planning and or the Building Surveyor.