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Interior design
an integrated approach

Whether you are building or renovating, consideration to interior design is an essential part of the process. Both the function and aesthetic of spaces are impacted by interior design and a thoughtful approach will help ensure you create the kind of lifestyle you want.

Interior design is often perceived as something distinct from building design process, but DCF Design Group’s holistic approach views contemporary interior design as an integrated component in the overall process.

We offer a complete contemporary interior design service that includes:
  • Full consultation
  • Colour discussion and selection
  • Texture discussion and selection
  • Sourcing products
  • Project coordination
  • End to end service that ensures your satisfaction
  • Residential design
  • Commercial design

Helping bring your vision to life

Many people have strong ideas about what they want in their homes, but aren’t sure how to put those ideas in place.

Working with a company life DCF Design Group is the best way to bring your unique vision to life – rather than feel like you have to fit your style to off the shelf solutions.

We offer contemporary interior design services to both residential and commercial clients. The projects range in size and scope from small kitchen and bathroom projects to large scale business office fit-outs.

Our experience in different types of contemporary interior design projects means we can always find a strategy and solution that will suit your needs.

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