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Merville Avenue, Malvern East

Project Summary

  • Privately owned
  • Young, growing family
  • Renovation to a 2.5 bedroom attached brick single storey post war residence on an irregular shaped long and narrow block
  • The original house was part of old stable buildings for one of the nearby historic homes

Design Objectives
  • Two storey renovation
  • Create larger bedrooms to accommodate growing family
  • Create a separate office and formal sitting room with focus around the old decorative fireplace
  • Maximise use of the large backyard area by creating an entertaining space which opened up to a deck and east facing yard
  • Important to have the main bedroom upstairs where it was quiet to accommodate for shift work sleeping patterns

Project Challenges
  • Ensuring that we did not create overshadowing to the adjoining neighbour to the south – whose home we had also recently renovated.
  • Integrating the contemporary new building with the existing brick building without it looking disjointed.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • The family enjoys the large open spaces
  • The children have plenty of room to play indoors and outdoors
  • Parents can keep a eye on the young children playing
  • The indoor / outdoor area at the back is well used by the extended family