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Bluff Road, Black Rock

Project Summary
  • Privately owned.
  • Mid-sized contemporary family home.

Design Objectives
  • A relaxed yet sophisticated home for a young family.
  • Designed for both entertaining and to be a private haven.
  • Simple and contemporary in style.

Project Challenges
  • The design of this home ‘broke the mould’ in terms of street character.
  • This required strong negotiations with council and neighbours.
  • We maintained an open dialogue with our clients and all relevant parties.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • The focal point of the home is an open plan central informal living area which ensured a space where the large family could gather, spilling out onto a north facing courtyard.
  • The kitchen has views out to the courtyard.
  • The central entry and open stair provide light, a place for treasured artwork and leads up to the bedroom spaces for privacy and solitude away from the entertaining area downstairs.
  • These combined features create a home that can be used for lively entertaining and also provide a relaxed, yet sophisticated living space.