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Knox Road, Blairgowrie

Project Summary
  • Privately owned.
  • Beach home for an active and sporty family.
  • Views over the back beach on the Mornington Peninsula.

Design Objectives
  • To create a low maintenance but striking contemporary home maximising the coastal ocean views.
  • The home had to be informal and capture an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Project Challenges
  • At the beginning of the project, we discovered that the site had the highest category bushfire rating and required special permission from the Country Fire Authority, Department of Sustainability and Environment and the local council.
  • We worked closely with all consultants and specialists to obtain permissions.
  • The outcome is that this is the first house in Victoria to gain permission for ‘construction in a flame zone area’ from the CFA.

Lifestyle Outcomes
  • This is a beautiful place for the extended family to take a break and rejuvenate close to nature.
  • The home has separate sleeping and living quarters which all access the outdoors, the pool, courtyard spaces and have varying views of the ocean.