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Personalised house designs

Your home is an essential part of who you are and how you want to live in the world. That is why it is essential for house designs to be personalised to the owner – so you can create the environment and lifestyle that you want.

At DCF Design Group we take an intensively collaborative approach. Every building design is unique in its aesthetic and impact and is arrived at via close consultation and collaboration.

Each project and environment we design reflects the way you want to live and be. Buildings elicit emotion and our house designs and building designs are realised to capture what you want – reflective, relaxed, opulent, secure, joyful, thoughtful. There are no limitations to the designs we can create.

Distinctive house and building design

You want your home or building to be tailored to your exact requirements. This is true whether it is your home or a development project. Whatever the scale of your project, our approach is the same: close collaboration, expert advice, attention to detail.

This level of consultation and detail for house designs makes beautiful homes that are unique to the owner’s identity. It is just as important to apply these same skills to commercial developments, including large-scale, multi-unit developments that often incorporate retail, commercial and leisure space.

Building design at this scale must still incorporate the personal, human touch. Our apartment building design ensures that every occupant feels a sense of personal pride, security, and pleasure.

Our house designs and building design projects can be divided into five main categories:

Diverse building design experience

When commissioning DCF Design Group, you can be confident you will be engaging a company who has worked on a wide variety of house designs and building design projects spanning more than 15 years.

DCF Design Group has the experience and capacity to undertake design projects of varying scales. If any of the projects displayed are similar to works you are preparing to undertake or that you particularly like, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.