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Residential design:
A unique approach to property developments

Off the shelf residential design leads to ordinary property developments. They won’t achieve or return full value.

How about this – a residential design and development process that incorporates your ideas and so becomes a unique and distinctive project. You are integral to the design, refining and realisation.

You create property developments that are innovative, tailored to the
specific needs of your project.

Enviro-design synergy – for real living spaces

It is a mistake to assume that units and apartments require any less attention to detail than a family home. Whether owning or living, residents of these smaller spaces also crave a lifestyle, a real living space they can call their own.

DCF Design Group creates residential property developments with this unique approach. Each unit is viewed as a house in its own right, but is also part of a cohesive whole. Surrounding landscape and built environment are also integrated into the design process.

This creates a residency of distinction that offers the end user personal space and a considered environment that is part of quality communal living. This level of enviro-design synergy is a vital part of the overall success of any multi-unit housing project.

Get maximum return from your residential property developments

The most certain way to maximise return on your investment is to minimise risks and costs up front. Our network of professional relationships allows you to do this through their contribution of extensive local and council knowledge particularly in relation to Melbourne’s most sought after areas. Our networks include:
  • Town planners
  • Structural and hydraulic engineers
  • Building certifiers
  • All associated service providers
This integrated, time-saving approach is geared toward creating targeted designs to suit local conditions and give our clients a significant market advantage on their residential development.

So if you have a parcel of land you wish transform into a simple dual occupancy or larger residential development, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.

We have been involved in many successful residential developments in Melbourne’s most refined suburbs. In each case, our unique, integrated client-designer approach has helped the developer execute successful and stylish buildings. As such, multi-residential property developers continue to return to us for our experience in practical, profitable residential development solutions.

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