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Project management
you can trust

Managing the process of property developments takes significant time and expertise. It is a job that can be frustrating, requiring a level head and extraordinary attention to detail. And it’s the last thing you want to be worrying about while in the process of seeing your new home or building being built.

DCF Design Group provides expert project management services to all property developments, including the design and approval process. After that we provide contract administration services for the projects we conceive. Both of these aspects are vital components in designing, documenting and the building process to master the realisation of your project.

Having a team you can trust and who has thorough knowledge of your project saves you a huge amount of time and energy.

Project Management - ‘managing the design process’

The design and approval process of property developments and building needs to have someone with significant experience assigned to steer the project direction. Project management includes:
  • Managing expectations
  • Liaison with consultants, council and other relevant parties
  • Being the central point of contact for the entire process
  • Diarising all activities
  • Managing document distribution
DCF Design Group has an intimate knowledge of the projects we help conceive. It’s this detailed knowledge of the project, the requirements of all the stakeholders and our years of experience in dealing with all matters relating to property developments that puts DCF Design Group in the best position to provide project management over the design and approval process.

We work closely with all stakeholders throughout the design process. This enables us to streamline workflow and keep close control on consultants during the planning application and negotiation stages.

Once planning and building permissions have been granted, the works need to be tendered out and the works awarded to a contractor.

Contract Administration - ‘administering the building process’

Developing the project with one design professional then bringing on another to oversee the building works is a little like raising a child to six years of age and then handing them over to someone else to raise them through school and beyond.

Contract administration is often seen as an aspect of the property developments building cycle that can be fudged by someone with some or little general management skills. In actual fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Continued support throughout the lifecycle of property developments will always yield better results. This role is complex and extremely important. It’s crucial that the person in the role understands building construction, especially ensuring the building is constructed the way the designer and client intended it.

Benefit from having your design team also manage your contract administration.

Minimise risk and streamline the administration process by using the one team for the entire process. DCF Design Group provides various levels of contract administration services. These can include some or all of the following:
  • Tendering the project to building contractors
  • Liaising with contractors to ensure accurate tender responses
  • Delivery of strategy selection and project programming
  • Cash flow planning and elemental programming
  • Regular or programmed team meetings
  • Monitoring and reporting
We welcome your enquiries and invite you to come and discuss these processes with us and how they will benefit you on your next project.