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Integrated Design Services

One of the most time consuming things about having a new home or commercial space created is having to negotiate between so many different professional parties.

You have to ensure the designers speak to the builders, that legal communicates with council and that everything is administered and overseen to be on time and within budget.

These are all very different skill sets and as the client you end up running around between them all, trying to be the one cohesive point of contact.

This traditional, compartmentalised approach to realising a home is often what creates difficulties and drives the cost of design services upward for the consumer.

One contact to save you time

But there’s a better way to design and build. DCF Design Group’s integrated approach to design services means we oversee the entire process of creating your home. From design and town-planning all the way through to
landscape planning and project management, DCF Design Group is there with you for the long haul.

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Below is a summary of our five main areas of services. Click on each link for further detail.