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Whilst each project is unique, all projects begin with our Discovery & Direction process to give all parties a chance to better understand what the project objectives are, and what is possible within the context of the site and councils regulatory framework. From here initial briefs are developed, sketches are produced and a likely project plan is laid out. Then the initial concept is developed, which include plans, a 3D model, indicative spec budgets and a process timeline.

From here we can tailor a list of services from the below list to suit your project requirements and what assistance you may need. Our process is streamlined and logical. This reduces risk, timeframes and complexity in our projects. It also guides the team on when to be strategic, creative, when to engage and seek external advice, and lets you know when you may have high or low involvement in project stages so you can plan your time to focus on decision making.

We look forward to working with you

  • Discovery & Direction01

    All projects start with discussing your brief, wants and initial expectations. The relevant regulatory framework is reviewed, then sketches and initial concepts are developed to best suit the site. This initial stage allows the designers and you to understand what is possible on the site, what permission processes are required, and what form you may realise your dream in. Size and built-form, materiality, use of spaces, feasibility and likely project timeframes and costs should all be discussed at this time.

  • Concept + Design Development02

    Each project is different and requires an individual approach to respond to your unique needs. Concepts are explored to find the most appropriate design response to best match your needs and objectives. The project brief is further developed and so to the design.

  • Interiors + Exteriors03

    The built form, the interiors and exteriors should be designed holistically to be part of one entire concept. Materials and details inside the building making reference to those details and materials outside. One continuous consistent theme. DCF offers interiors and joinery designing and detailing to clarify the inside as well as designing the exterior hard-landscape to ensure your project is complete from fence to fence.

  • Permissions + Town Planning04

    Whether the project requires building, siting or planning approvals, DCF will coordinate all the relevant information and liaise with the relevant authorities to gain approvals. Our town planning packages are comprehensive and complimented by supporting documents by expert consultants and our approval success rate is in excess of 95%.

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  • Construction Documentation05

    Construction documentation is the detailed instructions given to the trades and site managers building your project. Our technical competency and extensive knowledge of construction techniques, products and joinery and interior details, allow our projects to be detailed to the highest standard. This translates into ease of construction, clarity in project facilitation and the highest quality end product.

  • Project Spec + Schedules06

    Projects should have all finishes, selectables, sanitary-ware, appliances and products selected and scheduled to enable all stakeholders be have clarity of what is included, how everything goes together and what realistic costings should be for the project. DCF provides this level of detail in all our projects.

  • Contract Admin + Budgeting07

    Construction contracts and variations can be complicated. DCF can help you understand the procurement process, what to expect as the site works progress and keeping to the contract in terms of included works and program. It is important to understand that project budgeting is an ongoing process from the discovery to the completion of the project. The budget should be reviewed and updated at several key stages during the design stages & then observed carefully during construction.

  • Project Facilitation08

    To ensure that all your objectives are realised and the projects are delivered to the highest standard, as expected and as detailed, DCF offers project facilitation services, from as-required site visits, through to full service project programing, liaising with builders, coordination of trades and suppliers and assessing works quality and defects.

  • Integrated Project Delivery09

    Designing and delivering highly detailed and specified buildings, requires both design team and build team to work seamlessly as one. The design team as one central point of contact liaising with you, consultants, suppliers, and the build team to keep the information consistent and focussed on delivering the project as intended. Ensuring there are no gaps in the intent, even if the project needs to deviate for variations or budget reasons along the way.

  • Trusted Brands & Suppliers10

    DCF has worked with many trusted brands and collaborated with suppliers to ensure the products we specify are functional, timeless and well suited to our projects and your needs alike. Our preferred suppliers are our partners in delivering the level of quality you expect.

  • Signature Details + Custom Products11

    DCF has developed a number of signature details which elevate the level of detail and sense of luxury in our projects. Our team also works with local tradespeople and artisans to design and handcraft custom pieces for your home that highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Each piece can be designed to perfectly meld with the projects we are delivering.

  • Furniture + Fit-out12

    To ensure a complimentary feel in our projects, we offer a furniture and fit-out sourcing and selection service. This ensures the selected furniture, key artwork & accessories, light fittings etc all fit in perfectly with the joinery, overall finishes and your existing pieces.

  • Individually Yours13

    As we embark on the design and development of each project, we want to make an individual statement that suits the site as much as the people who will inhabit it. This means understanding your needs, use of spaces, location and local features and melding it all together to develop a beautiful practical building that enhances the lives of those that inhabit our spaces every day.